Tarot Wisdom: Guiding Intelligent Furniture Choices Across All Ages with Minor Arcana Cards-The Cups Suit of Tarot: Inspiring Your Furniture Choices(2)

The Cups suit (often referred to as the Chalices) in Tarot typically relates to emotions, love, and relationships. Below is a detailed look at this suit and how it might correlate with furniture choices:

  • Ace of Cups: Symbolizes a new beginning in relationships or emotions. Drawing this card might suggest it’s time to add a piece of furniture that evokes warmth and openness.
  • Two of Cups: Represents a strong relationship or connection. Perhaps you should seek out a piece of furniture to share with a loved one or friend.
  • Three of Cups: Joy, happiness, and gathering. It’s a good indicator to add an entertainment corner or a guest reception area to your space.
  • Four of Cups: Feelings of discontent or distraction. Consider changing or adjusting your living space so it reflects joy and enthusiasm.
  • Five of Cups: Disappointment and regret. When feeling a sense of loss, changing some details in the furnishings might help create a fresh start.
  • Six of Cups: Reminiscing and memories. A sign to introduce vintage furnishings or decorations that evoke feelings of the past.
  • Seven of Cups: Daydreams and choices. Facing multiple choices, consider rearranging your living space in a unique and personal style.
  • Eight of Cups: Departing and seeking deeper meaning. It might be time to eliminate some unnecessary items and focus on what’s more important.
  • Nine of Cups: Satisfaction and confidence. Equip your home with furnishings that exude confidence and reflect joy in life.
  • Ten of Cups: Family happiness and fulfillment. Create a cozy living space where everyone can gather and share joy.
  • Page of Cups: Relaxation and creativity. Add innovative and unique furnishings that express youthfulness and vitality.
  • Knight of Cups: The pursuer and the dreamer. Choose furnishings that reflect romance and a desire to chase passions.
  • Queen of Cups: Empathetic and caring demeanor. Craft a serene and comfortable space where you can relax and avoid distractions.
  • King of Cups: Profound understanding and patience. Opt for furnishings that reflect maturity, stability, and deep understanding.

Each card in the Cups suit carries its unique message, assisting you in understanding and reflecting your emotions and feelings through your living space.

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