Tarot Wisdom: Guiding Intelligent Furniture Choices Across All Ages with Major Arcana Cards(P2)


The Hermit: Reflection and introspection. Create a peaceful corner in your home with comfortable rattan seating, perfect for meditation or reading.

Wheel of Fortune: Symbolizing change and fortune. Now might be the time to alter the color or style of furnishings, incorporating fresh details to rejuvenate the space.

Justice: Seek balance in your space. Choose a furniture set of appropriate size, neither too large nor too small for the room’s dimensions.

The Hanged Man: Sometimes, renewal can come from viewing things from a different perspective. Consider rearranging furniture in a new way to create a shift in the environment.

Death: A symbol of endings and new beginnings. Discard old, damaged items and replace with new rattan-like plastic furniture.

Temperance: Balance and harmony. Integrate rattan-like plastic furniture with other materials to achieve a harmonious blend.

The Devil: Avoid unnecessary or overly ornate items. Focus on the genuine functionality of the furniture.

The Tower: Represents abrupt change. It might be time to overhaul the living space entirely or introduce a unique centerpiece.


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