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“Continuing Success at VIFA 2024: IMPORT EXPORT ASIA BINH DINH CO., LTD Expands Global Reach”(P1)

Located in Binh Dinh, Vietnam, IMPORT EXPORT ASIA BINH DINH CO., LTD proudly announces its participation in the prestigious VIFA 2024 exhibition. This marks another significant step in the company’s journey to broaden its international market presence following its remarkable achievements at VIFA 2023. VIFA, known as one of Vietnam’s premier events in the furniture […]

Rattan-Like Plastic Furniture – The Perfect Choice for Luxury Resorts and Upscale Yachts

When you think of luxury resorts and upscale yachts, you picture comfort, natural beauty, and stylish amenities. To perfect these elements, choosing the right furniture is crucial. And rattan-like plastic furniture stands out as an impeccable choice. Why is rattan-like plastic furniture the preferred choice in luxury resorts and yachts? 🔶 Durable & Environmentally Friendly: […]

Why Rattan-like Plastic Furniture is the Smart Choice for Modern Offices

In the world of interior design, office spaces are undergoing significant transformations. With the rise of eco-friendly initiatives and a shift towards sustainable choices, rattan-like plastic furniture is increasingly becoming a top choice for office interiors. But why is this particular type of furniture gaining such traction? 1. Durability That Lasts Unlike traditional office furniture […]

Choosing Interior Colors According to Age: Secrets to Crafting a Premium Living Space

Your living space doesn’t just showcase style; it tells a lot about who you are. Notably, the choice of interior colors plays a significant role in curating an environment that matches one’s age and mood. 1. Teenage Years: Vibrancy & Exploration 2. College Age – Early Adulthood: A Blend of Freedom and Maturity 3. Middle […]

Rattan-like Plastic Furniture: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Quality

Looking for a furniture solution that’s both stylish and enduring? The rattan-like plastic furniture from Á CHÂU BÌNH ĐỊNH CO., LTD not only elevates your home with a touch of sophistication but also promises durability and unexpected utility. Why choose rattan-like plastic furniture? Á CHÂU BÌNH ĐỊNH CO., LTD is the top choice for those […]

IMPORT EXPORT ASIA BINH DINH CO.,LTD at VIFA ASEAN 2023 – Leading the Way in Synthetic Rattan Furniture

When speaking of Southeast Asia’s premier furniture event – VIFA ASEAN 2023, the participation of IMPORT EXPORT ASIA BINH DINH CO.,LTD stands out as a beacon in the realm of synthetic rattan furniture. Synthetic Rattan Furniture – Elegance and Durability: Under the skillful craftsmanship of IMPORT EXPORT ASIA BINH DINH’s team, synthetic rattan furniture is […]

“Journey to Success: A Transformational Experience of an International Customer Using Products from Binh Dinh Asia Import Export Co. Ltd”

All businesses thrive on customer success, and at Binh Dinh Asia Import Export Co., Ltd, we take pride in being a part of our customers’ journey towards success. Today, we want to share a story of a remarkable transformation in an international customer’s experience after using our products. Meet Mr. Robert, a foreign entrepreneur running […]


On the morning of August 5th, A Chau Binh Dinh Import and Export Co., Ltd successfully held an event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the Tay Son Plant. This important milestone symbolizes the comprehensive growth of A Chau Binh Dinh in terms of scale and workforce. Additionally, this event was a […]

“The Exquisite Cooking Contest at Binh Dinh Import Export Co., Ltd”

On the afternoon of August 5th at 3 pm, preceding the gala night celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the company’s establishment, Binh Dinh Import Export Co., Ltd hosted an enticing cooking contest. The exciting cooking contest at Binh Dinh Import Export Co.Ltd not only introduces refreshing moments amidst work hours but also serves as a […]

Tarot Wisdom: Guiding Intelligent Furniture Choices Across All Ages with Major Arcana Cards(P1)

In the mystical realm of tarot, the Major Arcana holds significant power, offering profound insights into our life’s path. For centuries, tarot enthusiasts have turned to these cards to illuminate decisions, both big and small. One such decision, often underestimated, is the selection of home furnishings, particularly the trending rattan-like plastic furniture. Here’s how the […]